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发出您的声音 保护凤凰城中国文化中心(议员联系方式及模板)

请大家以电邮或电话方式向市政陈情:以下是针对保护凤凰城中国文化中心的四个电邮模板和一个电话模板, 请大家给市长和议员发电邮或打电话. 模板仅供参考. 大家最好加上自己的话.

电邮标题一定要直接表明立场:保护文化中心(Save Chinese Cultural Center)

可以到以下链接直接电邮市长和议员: https://www.phoenix.gov/mayorcouncil 可以到以下链接是市长和议员的电话和电邮: http://onephxid.org/contact-council-members/

Mayor Stanton



District 1 Councilwoman Thelda Williams



District 2 Councilman Jim Waring



District 3 Councilwoman Debra Stark



District 4 Vice Mayor Laura Pastor



District 5 Councilman Daniel Valenzuela



District 6 Councilman Sal DiCiccio



District 7 Councilman Michael Nowakowski



District 8 Councilwoman Kate Gallego



版本 1 - 很正式和客气,恳请市府采取措施保护的版本

Dear Honorable xxxxx:

This letter is written to bring your attention to an imperative concern that the fate of the Chinese Culture Center is at stake after the new owner True North Companies purchased the property.

The Chinese Culture Center locates at 668 N 44th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008, is a landmark building with distinct Chinese culture, sculpture and garden, one and only in Arizona and has achieved significant and symbolic recognition since its construction. The property is of exceptional importance and value in historic and cultural preservation.

We request in earnest that the City put a hold on any permits that aim to change the status quo of the Chinese Culture Center. The Chinese Culture Center should be registered and protected as one of the Phoenix historic properties to avoid from destructive modifications including demolishing the garden and removing any Chinese elements of design, sculpture and construction, and should be well preserved as it originally is.



版本 2 - 表达愤怒, 和想对市政府施压的版本 (big business vs culture and history) Dear xxxx,

I am writing to you regarding the dire situation that our community is facing. The Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center, located at 668 N 44th St in Phoenix recently had an ownership change and the new owner True North Companies is going to demolish the site to build an office complex.

The Chinese Cultural Center is of great cultural and historic value to the city and to the state. For two decades, it has become a major landmark and attraction where non-Chinese could acquire a sense of Chinese culture and architecture. It is also a place where Chinese Americans can feel a connection to their roots and heritage. The cultural center is not just for the Chinese community, it's for all Arizonans. It's not just for our generation, it's also for our children, and theirs. It is a cultural icon in our state, and is enjoyed by people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

I found it extremely disturbing that the city has done nothing to stop such travesty, and has chosen to be in favor of big business interests at the expense of public interest. I am calling for the city to take immediate action, to stop True North Companies from destroying Arizona's history and cultural heritage, and to preserve the Chinese Cultural Center.

Sincerely, Xxxx

版本 3-作为凤凰城选民表达震惊,关注和反对, 要求市府采取行动加以保护的版本。 可以简单修改作为电话稿


I am a constituent from Phoenix, and I am writing concerning the possible demolition of the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center, located at 668 N. 44th St. in Phoenix.

My family, friends and I were all shocked by the news and we think it is wrong to demolish the Chinese Cultural Center. It would be a horrific loss in cultural and historic terms, and it would send a very wrong message that the city of Phoenix is not an inclusive and welcoming place for our diverse communities.

I respectfully ask the city to take immediate action to prevent the demolition. It is in the best interest of the city of Phoenix, and the state of Arizona to protect our culture and heritage. We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. Thank you for your service to our community.

Sincerely, Xxxx

版本 4 -从中国和亚利桑那经济文化交流和对亚利桑那经济影响来说明不应当拆毁的版本


I am writing to you to express my deep concern about the fate of the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center at 668 N. 44th St in Phoenix.

I am a long-time resident of Phoenix and appreciate the redevelopment projects the city has taken on in the past few years, however demolishing the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center for an office complex isn't one of them. Such redevelopment clearly ignored the cultural, historic and architectural significance of the Chinese Cultural Center, and does not serve the public interest. It would also have damaging impact on the City of Phoenix and the state of Arizona on the economic front. ASU has one of the largest Chinese international student bodies in the country. ASU and UofA alone have 6000 registered Chinese international students, most of whom are paying out-of-state tuition to study here, and learn our culture and value. That's at least $2 billion contributed to our state's economy. This year China is becoming Arizona's 3rd largest tourist source, and 3rd largest export destination, after Mexico and Canada, and the tourist and export growth rates are by far the highest among the countries. The City of Phoenix and the State of Arizona should grow these opportunities to help our economy and help create jobs. Demolishing the one and only Chinese Cultural Center would be self-defeating on both cultural and economic fronts.

We ask that this redevelopment be given immediate re-evaluation by the city. It is in the best interest of the city, the state and the whole community to preserve the Chinese Cultural Center.

Thank you for your prompt attention.

Respectfully, Xxxx

版本 5 -打电话版本

Hello, XXX

my name is xxx, and I am a constituent from Phoenix. I am calling to voice my strongest opposition to the planned demolition of the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center by the new owner True North Companies. My family, friends and I were all shocked by the news and we think it is wrong to demolish the culture, history and heritage that the Chinese Cultural Center represents. I stand with culture and history, and I am asking you to side with us to take immediate action to prevent the demolition, and to protect Arizona抯 culture and heritage.

Thank you for your time!




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